Codevist Technology was established in 2010 with the aim of proposing, cloud computing, mobile and activities at Basaksehir Technology Center. Codevist Technology; aims to provide Solutions that will make their real-time lives easier , platform independent to the people in Turkey and organizations in every sector with its professional staff with knowledge accumulation in different technologies. Codevist Technology; provides technology infrastructure for different institutions, software development in different platforms, internet applications, integration, database management, system management, project management, consultancy and training services in different sectors.

Why Codevist ?

Why Codevist?

Enter to Market Quickly

We know that the product you need requires to be marketed quickly. Publishing the project on time just as we are our primary target for our customers, we develop your projects by supporting with new ideas and visual works.

Rapid Reaction

By using agile software methodology you can be familiar with every step of the project with our rapid response team in the development phase of your project. Apart from that, we have all the technical infrastructure required for the strongest progress of the project.

Why Codevist?

Why Codevist?

Integrity in Project Management

While developing your project to work on all Platforms, our back-end team runs your business solutions and our front-end team develops excellent user interface screens.