Financial Technology Services

Codevist Financial Technology Services

We provide the technology and infrastructure needs of banks, insurance companies, Financial Technology Companies and Insurance Technology Companies with modern technologies in banking, finance and payment systems solutions and consultancy services.

With standards on the world scale we meet your needs with our knowledge and experience in fields such as Card Payment Systems, Mobile Payment, HCE, Money Transfers, Revenue-Expense Tracking, Loans and Mass Funding. Paypal, Square, Stripe can be given as examples of known finteks around the world. In Turkey, we can give examples such as ininal, Kredico, Flexible payment, iPara, Payu.

The global investment in the Fintek sector has risen from $ 930 million in 2008 to $ 12 billion in 2015, according to a report by a financial consultant named Accenture. The fastest growing area of finance technology is the European Union. We can say that this sector will continue to grow at a rapid pace if global and local regulations are changing consumer consumer habits in recent years.


Main Topics We Support for Payment Systems

As CodeVist Information Technologies, we can provide software development and consultancy support to potential or existing business partners in the following areas in the Payment Systems sector.

We are excited for hear exciting payment systems and financial technology projects and actualize them.

You should contact us immediately and grow your business and business processes together with our team of software development and project management experts.